I believe French Bulldogs to be the perfect all round family dog.
Perfect size , not too small and not too big !! A Frenchies ideal weight is between 24lbs and 28lbs .

Frenchies are extremely affectionate, intelligent dogs full of courage with clown like qualities,
bat like ears and short tail are characteristic features of the breed which make them truly irresistible.
Frenchies adore children and their company ,children should be supervised and taught how to
handle a Frenchie, they are also great with other dogs and animals when socialized and
raised properly !
Frenchies are known not to barkers too ! Only when they think they are missing out on fun or attention.
They love to be the centre of attention !!
Frenchies do need daily exercise but not too much as they can over heat !!
Though a walk around the block for most is more than enough as they would much rather have a snooze on the sofa or on the nearest available lap !!

Frenchies have very few health problems too especially when compared with other breeds of dog.

Our Frenchies are extremely healthy only ever visiting the vets for boosters or microchips.

A happy and affectionate dog, the French Bulldog has lots of good qualities and makes
a perfect family pet .